Get started with microsoft office from

Get started with Microsoft office setup by downloading, installing and activating office setup 365 or office 2019 setup from using microsoft ofice prouct key.

Why do you need office product key?

An office setup product key with 25 Digit Alphanumerics like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX is all you need to Activate and Setup Office from

Where to find office setup product key?

Office product key is a 25-digits alphanumerical character activation product key that is mandatory to activate your Office product. How you retrieve your product key depends on the manner of your purchase. Suppose you purchased the office suite online by, then you should do the followings:

  • After you purchase office suite, you’ll be provided with a purchase ID.
  • Go to your registered Email ID that you used to purchase the product. Type the username and password and hit the “sign in” to login to your email account.’
  • Go to the purchase confirmation email and Click to the “Link” given to you in the mail
  • Retrieve your office product key

How to download office setup?

One can download Microsoft Office through Online as well as Offline modes. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to download Office setup:

Steps to download MS office via


To begin with, go to and sign in to your account.


Now tap on the “My Account” tab, and click on “Download”.


You can find this button under the subscribed/purchased Office software.


Once you hit this button, the Office setup process will begin on its own.


The downloaded file is now saved in the “Downloads” folder of your device.


Upon completing the downloading process, go to the next section.


  • Open the browser and go to to log in.
  • Enter the Login details.
  • You will be prompted to give the product key.
  • Type in the product key and press enter.
  • Although, if you are a new user, you need to click on Create an Account button to make a new account.
  • Fill in all the necessary details to sign up.
  • Now, choose an appropriate subscription from the given list of all Office subscriptions.
  • Click on the Download button.


  • Open the box of purchased Office product. Insert the CD into the CD drive of your computer system.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to download the Office product.

If you are downloading the Office product online, then you will receive a Microsoft Office product key, in your registered email address, which will be required at the time of product activation. If you have purchased the Office product Offline, then you will receive its product key in the box along with the setup CD. Keep the product key safe with you.

How to install Microsoft office setup

Install Microsoft office on windows OS

  • Please go to the default downloads folder and double click on the
  • downloaded Office setup file to open it.
  • In the prompt which will appear on the screen, click on Yes.
  • Wait until the installation process is finished. It may take 5-10 minutes.
  • Click on close and restart your computer.

Install office setup on Mac OS

  • Go to the flushed blue face shaped application named Finder on the Dock of your Mac.
  • Find the downloaded file of office setup and double-click on it.
  • Click on the continue button two times.
  • Click on the agree button.
  • Click again to continue.
  • Click on Install and then enter the password for your Mac.
  • Click on close when the installation is finished.

Activation steps for Office setup

  1. Open office application
  2. When prompted by the setup wizard, type in the 25 digit Office product key.
  3. Click the option next and continue to the next step.
  4. In the end, click on the “Activate Now” button so that you can start using your Office product.